Lidogeneration service LeadFrog

LeadFrog is a convenient software for digital collection and analysis of data about visitors to your stand, which will increase the commercial efficiency of your participation in the exhibition.

The application's functionality will help you solve the main tasks of collecting and analyzing visitors to your stand:

Scanner of QR codes for badges of visitors and their business cards
Using OCR-technologies of the world leader in the field of text recognition ABBYY with artificial intelligence elements, turn paper business cards into electronic ones. Easily upload electronic business cards in Excel or CRM. Plus QR scanner in one app.
Intuitive profile builder for profiling your stand visitors
Create polls and questionnaires on your own to obtain the necessary information about visitors to your stand
Advanced analytics
Collect statistics for each question in the questionnaire and for each contact. Calculate the effectiveness of your participation in exhibitions
Automatic sending of letters
Customize emails with catalogs and commercial offers for automatic mailing and surprise your customers with an instant email after meeting

The main advantage of using the LeadFrog service is to increase the efficiency of participation in the exhibition because the number and quality of collected leads is increased because of LeadFrog service

Based on the results of using the LeadFrog service while working at the exhibition you will receive:

  • contact database with an indication of the employee who received the contact

  • report with survey results

Additional information and available
tariffs are on the website of the service.
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To order a service, please,
contact the exhibition management.
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