Exhibition of construction, finishing materials and engineering equipment
21-23 April 2020 • IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Post-show report Build Ural/WorldBuild Ural 2017

     The exhibition was supported by the Government of Sverdlovsk Region and Yekaterinburg City Administration. The opening of Build Ural / WorldBuild Ural was attended by the Minister of Investment and Development of Sverdlovsk region Dmitry Niskovskih, the chairman of Yekaterinburg Administration for the Construction Nikolay Smetanin, the chief architect of Sverdlovsk Region Vladimir Veniaminov, the chief artist of Yekaterinburg Dmitry Fogel, the President of the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry Andrey Besedin, General Director of IEC "Ekaterinburg-Expo" Igor Danilov, President of the Association of stone industry of Russia "Center of stone" Dmitry Medyantsev, executive first director of the Association of radiators and convectors Aleksandr Kvashnin, Director of ITE Ural Elena Gondar.

     In 2017 WorldBuild Ural showed good dynamics of the number of participants as well as the number of industry specialists visiting the exhibition.


     Sixty-seven companies took part in Build Ural/World Build Ural and 32 companies attended the partnership exhibition “URALEXPOKAMEN”, which is 45% more than last year.

     In the section "Construction. Building materials” the innovations were presented by such companies as REMMERS, Huntsman-NMG, Emmedue, "Ekovata Extra", "Vladipur ", OOO "Laminated plastics plant", Plant of modern wall materials "Afina", "ChZPSN-Profnastil", "Gidro-Garant", "Sedrus", "Osnovit" and others.


     Finishing materials were presented by "Bildex", "SPC NEVPOLYMER", "Cryplat Ural", Group of companies "Vertical", Trade House "Stone Yard", "Art Line" and others.
     In the section "Engineering Equipment", the Association of Heating Radiator Manufacturers presented an extensive display of domestic manufacturers of heating systems: "Prado", "Plant Universal", "Russian Radiator", PKF "Radimax", SNPO "Teplopribror", "RusklimatTermo", "Termostyle", "System Convectors".  Among exhibitors there were also B.E.G., T.Plast, "Santim", "Kazan Mixer Plant", "Zern", "Promrukav", Trade House "Misti" and others.


     Doors and gates were exhibited by the leading manufacturing companies: "Hörmann Russia", "Guardian", Door Exchange "CITADEL", "LIDMAN", "Sudar", "Avega" (Volzhanka, Sofia). Facade systems and roofing materials - "Alcotek", "KATEPAL", "TIGOL", "GoodPan", Group of companies "Vertical" and others.
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Guests of  Build Ural Exhibition 2017

     In 2017, the exhibition was visited by 3,643 specialists in the construction and finishing industry, which is 46% more than last year.
64% of specialists visited WorldBuild Ural for the first time.
     There were guests from 27 regions of Russia: Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Novosibirsk, Orenburg regions, Perm Territory, Udmurtia, Republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District as well as from Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Ukraine, Czech Republic.

Breakdown of visitors by their purpose of attendance

35% of visitors attended the exhibition with the aim of searching goods and services for business;
30% of visitors wanted to obtain general industry information;
20% of visitors had a personal interest (to see new products and services, get new ideas, get advice / communicate with specialists)
8% of visitors came to the exhibition for educational purposes
7% of visitors promoted their own goods and services


     The fourth international exhibition of construction, finishing materials and utility equipment Build Ural / WorldBuild Ural being an international network project of the exhibition company ITE was held in Yekaterinburg, in the International Exhibition Center “Yekaterinburg-EXPO” on March 14-16, 2017.

Breakdown of Build Ural 2017 visitors by job position

Most visitors of the exhibition were managers - 74%:
36% - Executives / Owners of the company
14% - Deputy Heads of Companies
19% - Head of department / group
5% - Individual entrepreneurs
Managers / Specialists accounted for 26% of the total number of visitors.

     The main purposes of visiting the exhibition by heads of companies / owners of companies were searching for goods and services - 46%; gathering general industry information - 32%; professional development - 26%.

Types of company business represented by visitors


     Among the companies working in the field of construction of buildings and facilities, the exhibition was visited by specialists of such organizations as OOO "Sinara-Improvement"; AVS Group; "Atomstroykomplex"; "Forum Group"; "Design Bureau P1"; "LSR. Construction-Ural "; OOO SK "UKS Kamenskstroy"; "Astra"; "Brusnika"; JSC "Regional Construction Group - Academic"; ZAO  "Pravoberezhny"; GC Premier; "Pervostroitel development"; "TEN Development Ekaterinburg"; TSC "Monolit-Stroy"; JSC "Sinara Group"; OOO "Corporation Mayak "and others.

     Wholesale and retail trade was presented by the heads of departments and purchasing managers of such networks and wholesale companies as Castorama; "Leroy Merlin"; "OBI"; "Building yard"; "Sima-land"; "San Sanych Group"; ZAO "TC Piastrella" and others.

     Besides developers and large construction networks, the exhibition was visited by the specialists of MUE "Vodokanal"; OAO "IDGC-Ural"; Underground of Ekaterinburg; OAO "Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant"; PAO "VIZ", OAO "Novokaolinovy ​​GOK", OAO "UralMehanobr", JSC MC "Airports of Regions ", Ekaterinburg branch of FAE "RosKapStroy", PAO "VSMPO-Avisma" and others.

Products of interest to Build Ural/WorldBuild Ural 2017 visitors

*respondents were allowed to tick more than one answer.

     Besides specified answers visitors were also interested in the following goods: heating equipment, technical equipment, climate control equipment, ventilation equipment, decor, building insulation, tools, furniture and furniture fittings.

     According to exhibitors, the results of participation in Build Ural 2017 will be clear during the second half of the year. Nevertheless, there are already first reviews and impressions.

Exhibitor Feedback



Dmitry Zanevsky, Director of OOO “Ordynka-Sensor “ (B.E.G.)

In general, Build Ural/World Build Ural 2017 met our expectations. Participating in exhibition in the Ural region was the first experience of our company.

Alexey Reshetnikov,  Head of Sales Department, OOO "Тrade House Rex"

Despite the economic difficulties, the exhibition attracted the attention of construction organizations. During the event, our exhibition stand was visited by about 50 representatives of various companies; as a result we established new contacts. We hope to start cooperation with about thirty firms. And what is especially pleasant, among the visitors there were companies showing interest in our products and services. Thanks to the exhibition I could see the potential for the development of Trade House Rex in Sverdlovsk and neighboring areas.



Leonid Voronov, The sales manager of the direction "Construction", OOO " Laminated plastics plant"

The exhibition was a success. All advertising materials were distributed arousing interest among different categories of customers: architects, designers, builders, dealers. Thus we covered the widest range of consumers of our products.


     During the exhibition companies JSC "Stroysistema", Trade House "Stone yard", "Osnovit"  and a number of other organizations have already concluded profitable contracts with new partners.


Business program of the exhibition Build Ural / WorldBuild Ural 2017

     As part of the business program of the exhibition there were a number of conferences, seminars, master classes and presentations of products and technologies for professionals in the construction industry.

     Representatives of Yekaterinburg City Administration, suppliers of natural stone, architects and designers discussed the implementation of the priority project "Comfortable urban environment" in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, the use of natural stone and special features of design of large-scale complex objects at the Interregional conference "Application of products from natural stone in the construction of large infrastructure facilities in Russian cities".

     During the round table "Design of facades of high-rise, individual housing - facade systems and translucent structures" there was an interesting and informative dialogue on the use of modern facade systems and translucent structures in the construction of buildings and facilities. The round table was organized upon the initiative of the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk region, the Union of builders of Sverdlovsk region, Association "Self-regulating organization" Union of Construction Industry of Sverdlovsk region ", SRO NP "Builders of Sverdlovsk Region ", Union of Scientific, Design and Survey Organizations of Sverdlovsk Region, SRO NP "So-proekt ", ITE Ural and editorial offices of the magazine" Stroykomplex of Middle Urals ".

     Deputy Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Region, Chief Architect of Sverdlovsk Region V.G. Veniaminov; Head of the Department of Innovative Technologies in Construction and Construction Industry of the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Region I.I. Demin; Deputy Director of the Union of Builders of Sverdlovsk Region A.M. Vasiliev; Executive Director of the Union of Scientific, Design and Survey Organizations of  Sverdlovsk Region G.N. Usov took part in the round table. The topic of discussion is very important. It is quite simple to make something fast and beautiful, but to make it beautiful and durable is quite problematic.

     The participants of the round table - enterprises manufacturing facade systems and their elements, made their proposals for the design of facades of buildings, as well as the performance of works on certification, development of requirements for projects of facade systems and answered questions of listeners.

     The  panel session "The production branch of heating systems: one of the pillars of the real sector of the economy of the Urals and the Volga region" as well as the master class "Business needs to be honest and transparent " from Vitaly  Sasin, the member of the Presidium of the NP "ABOK" and Nikolay Krapivin, the General Director of "Vitaterm" were held in the course of TermoConVent.

     Leading manufacturers of domestic heating radiators analyzed the investment strategy for the industry development of heating appliances in the Russian Federation for the period until 2020, discussed the introduction of a voluntary verification of heating appliances, development of production segments of steel panel radiators, discussed the development of measures to preserve the production of cast iron radiators and cooperation of machine-building industry and non-ferrous metallurgy during the production of extrusion-type aluminium heating radiators.

     As part of the business program Build Ural / WorldBuild Ural there were also presentations of polymer products of  ZAO "Huntsman-NMG", kitchen sinks from granite chipplings POLYGRAN and quartz sand TOLERO, roofing from KATEPAL.

     At the master class of Renga Software, architects and designers could familiarize themselves with modern model engineering technologies (BIM) Renga.

     The Director of Titansoft company Vitaly Potov and director of Blizko.ru Golubyatnikov Anton shared their experience and knowledge of Internet sales in the construction sector on the basis of real cases. During the master classes the examples of company sites were analyzed online.