KRONOTEX laminate at Build Ural 2021


KRONOTEX is one of the leading laminate manufacturers in Europe. KRONOTEX products are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and are safe for health. KRONOTEX exports products to over 80 countries.

KRONOTEX laminate at Build Ural 2021

KRONOTEX laminate flooring is everywhere at home — in living rooms, kitchens and children’s rooms, as well as in offices or hotels. The innovative surface structures come closer in appearance and touch to wood and stone like never before.

The huge variety of decors in high-quality KRONOTEX laminates from the timeless classics of oak decor to various types of wood or fashionable adaptations, fancy patterns or universal colors provide an excellent opportunity to embody almost any idea and use in interiors of different styles.

Fleer will present KRONOTEX products at Build Ural 2021.

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