Wiring products by NE-AD at Build Ural 2021


NE-AD is a reliable and qualified manufacturer and supplier of wiring and lighting products.

Wiring products by NE-AD at Build Ural 2021

The high quality of NE-AD products is ensured by the strictest adherence to technology, modern materials, the latest equipment and rope. One of the advantages of NE-AD products, in addition to the high quality and the reliable name of the manufacturer, is the lower price compared to the price of other manufacturers of wiring products. This was achieved through the selection of optimal suppliers of raw materials for the manufacture of wiring products, competent management, restructuring of outdated forms and production methods, and, of course, through the introduction of advanced European experience.

NE-AD, thanks to research and development work carried out since its inception, continues to expand the range of products and provides ongoing support for the activities of customers within the framework of the principles of quality service and the latest sales policy.

The products manufactured by NE-AD meet all international standards, while at the same time fully meet the requirements of the domestic market and the expectations of Russian consumers. The products have a combination of the main characteristics of a successful brand: high quality, reasonable prices, a wide range of products for all groups of goods, laconic modern design, and simple constructive solutions.

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