Storch-Ciret Group will attend Build Ural 2021


Storch-Ciret Group is the European leader in the production and sale of painting and plastering tools. With its own production sites and more than 125 years of experience, the German holding company Storch-Ciret embodies the highest competencies in the development and production of painting and plastering tools.

Storch-Ciret Group will attend Build Ural 2021

The production of paint rollers in the Czech Republic is the largest in Europe. Wherever the production is located, the same high standards and quality requirements developed by the holding are applicable to it. Close control of all production processes guarantees a consistently high quality of all products manufactured by the holding.

At Build Ural 2021, the company will present one of its business areas — a unique Color Expert concept, adapted to the needs of both amateurs — DIY clients and a professional audience.

When developing the assortment, the company constantly focuses on the needs of end users and closely exchanges with manufacturers of paints and varnishes, professional painters and suppliers of raw materials. The latest advances in the industry and the experience of the practical application of the tool by professionals have a direct impact on product development — and the end user works with the Color Expert tool like a professional.

The new concept Color Expert is distinguished by a clear and logical structure of the assortment with a clear division by type of work and types of paintwork. Such a calculation gives answers to the most important questions of the buyer — what material, surface, and the expected result should be. The Color Expert concept will allow stores not only to increase their profits, but also to offer their customers an easily perceived display of goods, where even an inexperienced painter, thanks to clear and understandable navigation and smart packaging, can find the right tool quickly and easily.

What does the Color Expert layout concept give store owners:

  • Ready-made marketing solution from a supplier;
  • Reduced investment required for inventory and sales floor personnel;
  • Increase in sales and gross income of a product category/outlet;
  • Increase in the average bill and unit cost;
  • Difference from competitors;
  • Increased customer loyalty.
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