Plastblock plant will present building mixes at Build Ural 2021


Plastblock is a modern equipment for the production of building materials from polystyrene concrete of the widest range: wall, partition, large-size blocks, reinforced wall panels, lintels, floor slabs; there are new products of increased demand - dry polystyrene concrete mixtures "Lokraft", "Unbetform" and "Warmarox" as well as a number of promising products based on it.

Plastblock plant will present building mixes at Build Ural 2021

The Plastblok plant has been manufacturing polystyrene concrete blocks for more than 20 years, as well as manufacturing cover plates, lintels, trays for armopoyas and many other building materials from polystyrene concrete. The price of the enterprise is located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, in close proximity to Yekaterinburg. The production site is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for access and loading and unloading operations by all types of transport.

Polystyrene concrete plant works with both construction companies and individuals. The company offers polystyrene concrete blocks manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of GOSTs in Yekaterinburg at a favorable price. It also provides convenient terms of delivery and payment, including credit.

Polystyrene concrete produced at the Plastblok plant is a type of cellular concrete. The blocks consist of polystyrene granules, cement, plasticizers and a number of other additives. It is an environmentally friendly building material with an optimal price-performance ratio. Due to its low weight, the installation of one block on average takes about 3 minutes, significantly reducing the construction time. The material has excellent noise absorption and low thermal conductivity. The service life of a building made of polystyrene concrete is over 100 years!

The main advantages of polystyrene concrete:

  • Environmentally friendly and safe;
  • Durability;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Light weight;
  • Plastic.

At the Build Ural 2021 exhibition, Plastblok plant will present building mixes made of polystyrene concrete — Lokraft, Unbetform and Warmarox.

Warmox is a versatile material used for thermal insulation of various elements of buildings and structures. It has all the advantages of polystyrene concrete: high heat and sound insulating properties, strength, durability, frost resistance. The mixture is easy to use. Most often, Warmox is used for insulating attic and interfloor floors.

Unbetform is a dry mix for the preparation of polystyrene concrete, which is used for floor screed. Thanks to the properties of Unbetonform, the floor is warm, even with good sound insulation. Such a floor will never creak, and also it is not afraid of water and will never rot. In addition, Unbetonform does not attract rodents, which means that these floors will serve for more than a hundred years.

Lokraft is another type of dry mix for the preparation of polystyrene concrete from the Plastblok plant. It is used for constructive construction with a monolithic structure. Lokraft has all the qualities of polystyrene concrete, so the walls with its use will be strong and warm without additional insulation and sound insulation. Recently, Lockraft has been used as a warm glue for filling joints between blocks. Unlike conventional block glue, Lokraft, like all polystyrene concrete products, retains heat, excluding the appearance of cold bridges, and its consumption is significantly lower than when using conventional glue.

In addition to the indicated mixtures, Plastblock will present a large Megablock and a partition block. Reinforced MEGAplastblocks are large-sized wall blocks with improved strength and reliability. These are blocks of high quality polystyrene concrete, convenient and quick in the construction of both low-rise and high-rise buildings. Reinforced MEGAplastblock has excellent qualities — it is flame retardant, environmentally friendly, has increased fire resistance, moisture resistant, easy to process, has excellent sound insulation and is easy to install and process.

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