Japanese fiber cement panels KMEW will be presented by KM-Technology at Build Ural


KM-Technology is the pioneer of Japanese KMEW fiber cement panels in the Russian market as well as the leader in sale for both private clients and developers.

Japanese fiber cement panels KMEW will be presented by KM-Technology at Build Ural

Since 1980, KMEW (a joint venture between Kubota and Matsushitadenko (Panasonic) has been producing panels that perfectly combine design, harmony with the environment and simplicity. The advantages of panels include their strength, frost resistance, color protection from UV radiation for 30 years self-cleaning, installation at any time of the year, service life of 50 years, they do not burn and do not emit harmful substances. In total, there are over 400 textures and colors of KMEW panels of various series and price categories.

Due to the development of the facade market and the wider use of KMEW facade panels, the company management decided to develop a local and Japanese warehouse. Now the warehouse is at least 25,000 m2, and a warehouse of panels has been organized for developers in Japan, which can reduce the delivery time by 2-2.5 times (up to 5 weeks for delivery to Moscow).


Company advantages:

  • On the market since 2008;
  • Own installation department, as well as transport for the delivery of panels and installation;
  • Work warranty for 5 years;
  • The ability to visually familiarize yourself with the facade panels on any day;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Sale and installation of turnkey panels exactly according to the agreed estimate with the customer.

The company delivers to individuals and to large developers. The KM-Technology portfolio includes many completed projects in different cities of Russia, for example:

  • Project “Moskvichka” (Moscow);
  • Project “Tishinskie vysoti” (Izhevsk);
  • Project of the residential complex “Zhelezno na Turgeneva” (Kirov);
  • Renovation project of emergency facades of residential buildings (Lyubertsy);
  • Project Milovsky Park (Ufa) and many others.
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