Innovation, warmth and personal beach from the Uralkotel company


A new approach to organizing life in a country house will be presented by Uralkotel at the Forum of Designers and Architects of the Urals Design Space.

Innovation, warmth and personal beach from the Uralkotel company

“Omnivorous” boilers and heat accumulators operating on any type of solid fuel will provide a comfortable temperature in the cottage and other structures. Heat for heating is generated from straw, branches, sawdust, firewood, coal, and any other type of solid fuel. Long-term combustion technology requires fuel loading once a day in the off-season and 2 times a day in winter. Remote control over the operation of boilers and heat accumulators is provided by GSM dispatching.

On April 22, within the framework of the Design Space Forum of Designers and Architects of the Urals, Uralkotel will present a new solution for organizing a comfortable country life — an indoor heated private pool. The combination of natural and artificial heating allows the pool to be operated all year round. While recreation by the warm seas is problematic, such a pool will provide relaxation and improve health for children and adults. However, when the restrictions are over, the pool will be a great addition to suburban life.

The Uralkotel company organizes a test drive of operating indoor heated pools for the forum participants.

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