Exhibition of construction, finishing materials and engineering equipment
21-23 April 2020 • IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia

DEKA with effective sewage processing on Build Ural 2019

Manufacturing company from Saint-Petersburg DEKA will present effective solutions to the problem of sewage water treatment: «Biodeka» and «Genesis» products. «Biodeka» was updated in 2018, but «Genesis» now is the most unique equipment — a station for deep biological sewage processing for cottages and country houses owners`.

«Biodeka» and «Genesis» have unique technical characteristics for wastewater treatment, sewage of a country house and able to process all types of domestic wastewater whether they come to the treatment. Systems don`t require much care and work in any conditions. «DEKA» local wastewater treatment systems are also economical and ecological.

For instance, there are features of country house sewerage «Biodeka»:

  • consumes only 0.045 kWh of electricity;
  • installation can be performed on area of only 0.75 square meters;
  • doesn`t create unpleasant flavor;
  • provides high quality of domestic wastewater treatment;
  • single-mode operation of «BioDeka» station makes the whole construction more simple and reliable;
  • frequently breaking down components and assemblies like solenoid valve and float switch are excluded from «Biodeka»;
  • «Biodeka» cage is made of the most modern polymer materials, which allows to use installation in a variety of climatic conditions and for an unlimited time.

It has earned the trust of users across the country, so «DEKA» company is proud of «Biodeka» system. But its creators did not stop there and created an even more perfect system — the installation of deep biological purification «Genesis». «Genesis» stations are equipped with a communication system with their owners at any time of the day through the built-in GSM-module, notifying the user about the emergency. The presence of two receiving cameras in the system allows you not to think about the volley discharge and consume water in the amount that is required.

Wide model range of sewage processing systems helps choose the equipment based on the customers` wishes.