Exhibition of construction, finishing materials and engineering equipment
22-24 September 2020 • IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Build Ural 2019 visitors will know how to make transformer-room from their office

Company Razdvizhnye Peregorodki is a manufacturer of transportable dividing walls for rooms. The company designs, manufactures and performs installation of mobile soundproof partitions.

Partition-walls construction divide the space for efficient use. Each room is unique through private approach.

The main advantage is that company makes projects for small and large spaces. The additional way of producing partition-walls is producing glass walls. They also suitable for inner rooms, terraces, summerhouces and winter gardens.

Since 2011 "Razdvizhnye Peregorodki" made projects for "Sberbank", IKEA, "MegaFon", "Pension Fund of the Russian Federation" and other big companies in Russia.

Razdvizhnye Peregorodki is a team of measurers, designers, engineers and assemblers and they are ready for complex projects.