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20-22 April 2021 • IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Water heaters from the Czech company "DZ Dražice" at the exhibition Build Ural 2020

The history of “Dražice” company takes its beginning in 1900. In the 10 - ies of XX century, the company was engaged in a very promising direction at that time – the production of equipment for power grids-and achieved the highest success in the 20-30s. In the postwar period, the company was nationalized, and in the 56th year began production of water heaters for individual orders
The end of the 80's was one of the most significant periods for "Dražice" – the company was divided into several independent companies, one of which focused on the production of water heaters. In the 90s, "DZ Dražice" became the largest supplier of water heaters in the Czech Republic and began to export its products outside the Republic. In 2006, the company is part of the Swedish concern NIBE Industrier AB.
The main products of the company are vertical, horizontal, stationary, electric and combined water heaters with capacity from 5 to 1000 L. In addition, the company manufactures stationary heat accumulators with capacity from 100 to 1000 l storage tanks with indirect heating of water.
One of the features of Dražice water heaters is the heating element-a dry ceramic tube placed in a steel sleeve made of the same metal as the water heater tank. This avoids the galvanic effect that contributes to the corrosion of the metal. In addition, ceramic heating elements are highly resistant to aggressive water environment, such as hard water, and significantly extend the life of the product.
Service hatches allow work to be carried out inside the tank in order to eliminate scale and sediment, which reduces operating costs. The service life of the tank is further extended by the use of magnesium anode, which also prevents corrosion.
Currently, the company's share in the domestic market of the Czech Republic reaches 50% of the total sales of water heaters. Products under the brand name Dražice are exported to 20 countries, including Russia. The company is certified according to the quality standard ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2001.